Why did the minimalist enter a H&M store?

Fell for the click bait dint you? Now that I have you here, let me tell you something useful.

H&M claims to be the leader in ethics and fast fashion. The second largest retailer of clothes in the world, after Zara’s, H&M has taken upon itself the task of being ethical. Their efforts include a pledge to use 100% recyclable or sustainable products by 2030  (Source: Goodonyou) and become 100% climate positive by 2040 (Source: Goodonyou).

“Ok, good to know.” “You still have not answered the question of why did the minimalist go to a H&M store?

The answer is………………………………………



To get a coupon.

“But, isn’t the coupon for buying things?”

Yes. The coupon gives one a 15% discount on any one H&M product. But you are forgetting the main question. ‘How did the minimalist get the coupon?’

“Ok, how did the minimalist get the coupon?”

The minimalist got the coupon, by giving up a bag of clothes. He gets a coupon for each bag of clothes that he donates.

“So, can I get a coupon for each bag? How big should the bag be? Do I have to segregate the items I give up? Can I just give up any clothes of mine?”

Ok, hang on. I love your enthusiasm, although I doubt whether it is because you want to give up stuff and become a minimalist or because you would love to get a hand on the 15% off coupon. Either ways, if it helps you get rid of your excess and unwanted clothes then it is a good deal.

“Err… off topic… can you cut to the answer please?”

Ok, so you get a coupon for each bag, irrespective of size. However you are limited to 2 coupons per person per day, so you might have to make more than one trip. You do not need to segregate items. Yes, you can give up any clothes of yours, no questions asked.

“That’s awesome. What do they do with the clothes I give up?”

I would like to say that they donate it to the needy. But it is still not clear whether they really donate the clothes or process them into other things that can use the cotton/materials as part of their sustainability initiatives.

“But I have hundreds of clothes to give up. Lets say, theoretically, If I gave those up and so too do all the people I know, does the world have enough people to want so many?”

Why don’t you take a guess! But like I said, I don’t have evidence or breakdown of how much they donate and how much they recycle.

“Not sure I got that. Can you explain?”

Appreciate the inquisitiveness. Hey, why don’t we look at a video and find out?


“Ok, so what did you buy? Wait, are you not a minimalist now?”

Dont worry, I am still a minimalist. But I give myself the permission to buy at H&M. Because it fits into my principles.

  1. For every new item, I can give up a bag full of unwanted clothes
  2. I can still look nice and be accepted socially
  3. Though I am paying a premium for the clothes, I am choosing a brand that feels good and lasts longer
  4. I am buying from an ethical company and feel good about it
  5. I don’t need a fifth reason!

“Give yourself permission” What is that?

That’s for another blog!!!