Permission to let go

If you are a consistent reader of this blog, you probably know that I have been trying my hand at minimalism for the past six to eight months. Perhaps the biggest obstacle that I faced while I try to get rid of items is the emotional value of things.

Perhaps the shirt was gifted by a loved one.

That watch was presented to you by your best friend in school.

That house decor was bought by a dear colleague who comes home often.

That pair of shoes was gifted by your sister.

That display cabinet itself was a hand-me-down from a deceased relative.

Although we know it in our brain that these items do not necessarily add any value to your life, it is these items that are the toughest ones to get rid of.  It is a constant battle between the heart and the mind.

“What if my sister got upset that I got rid of the shoe?”

“That miniature tea set brings the memory of the trip to Beijing.”

“Am I am heartless person if I threw out a hand-me-down that belongs to my grand-uncle? Will he curse me from up there?”


In case you are reducing your stuff, let me take the first step in making things easier for you. There could have been items that I gifted to you over the course of knowing you. Though I had given them with the best of intentions, I would totally understand if you decided to get rid of them as they do not add value to your life. I will not judge you for your act or be upset with you for discarding that gift. I sincerely hope that you do not equate me to the item as I would rather be seen as a person.

I give you permission to let go!