About me

I am a bit of an introvert.. and a lazy bum… the combination of which makes it very easy for people judging me to be socially awkward or challenged… however I do have a set of people that have moved past all these barriers for me and I am grateful to have them with me… First in the list comes my wife who is simply the best, it is an effort for me to continue writing as I am drifting away to my happy place, thinking about her…


Anyways… Back here… umm where was I?

I love to travel… love to drive… and consider myself to be a safe driver,albeit a bit slow… Hill driving is my favorite and I have should have covered ten thousand kms in the hills by now.

Cricket lover/player… offie… opening bat… I grew up watching Sachin, Dravid & Ganguly so I consider myself lucky… I consider myself a purist, and when I have time, prefer following test matches.

Manchester United fan – Although surprisingly, I don’t hate Liverpool/Chelsea.. I do consider myself a selfless central midfielder that can bring others into the game & hence an asset to any team.

Schumacher fan.. Hope he gets well soon enough.. Ferrari fan…

I work in the online advertising industry… my role is to speak with website owners/CEO/traffic analysts to help them make more money through online advertising… It is a sales role & my introverted personality¬†works to my advantage as I am a listener first, problem solver second and a seller/closer last.

You can call me Chandra/China/Mouli/Channu..


Not having enough support/comments is the sole reason I stopped blogging for the past 6 years. So my plea to you as a reader is to be very generous with your comments and shares in order for me to stay motivated.

Feel free to connect with me through the form below.

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