The security code

At work:

Me: “Oops, my key dropped in the lift lobby.”

Security: “Sir, I cannot let you tailgate back in.”

Me: “Ok, no problem. So can you get that for me?”

Security: “No sir, I am not authorized to go in”

Me: “So how can I go get the key?”

Security: “Sir, you go around the building and enter through the IN gate.”

Me: “Aaaargh”


At my gated community:

My car is stopped at 10:30 PM by security

Security: “Sir, I need to see the renewal papers of your apartment rental”

Me: “Why?”

Security: “I can only allow you after I confirm you still have the house”

Me: “Why should you know about whether I extend my rent or not?”

Security: “Sir, its my job to know who belongs to this flat”

Me: “Ok, can I show it to you tomorrow?”

Security: “No sir.”

Me: “Can I email it to you?”

Security: “No sir.”

Me: “But I don’t have a physical copy with me. It is at home. Please let me in and I can show you.”

Security: “Not allowed sir”

Me: “So how the hell can I show it to you if you wont let me get it?”

Security: “Sir, your house-owner can confirm to us. Please call him”

Me: “But its 10:30 in the night!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh”



Incident 3:

“There is a car parked right before mine. I need you to contact the owner and get that taken back so I can remove my car.”

“Sir, other security is on rounds sir. There is no one at the gate.”

“Can you come after his rounds are over?”

“No sir, its my turn of rounds after!”



Please feel free to share personal incidents where you have suffered from the security code!


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