When I think of the word retirement, I am imagining myself in a beach, with pristine white sands, lying on a relaxing chair and looking out at the deep blue ocean. I have my arms over my head, in a very relaxing position, with a smile on my face.

How very cliched?

The sand is brown in Chennai. The beach isn’t deep blue but rather green and gray. There are no relaxing chairs either in marina or besant nagar beach. And to top everything off, I am pretty sure I will get bored in fifteen minutes, gazing at the sea!

So why does the thought of retirement trigger this imagination?


The answer is quite obvious – Because we are sold this picture through crappy advertisements. The sheer repetition of the ad imprints this picture in our minds and even tricks us to believe that is the reality we seek.


Think a bit deeper. What other cliched bullshit like these have advertisements sold to us?

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