Book Review – Everything that remains


Author – Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

There are some books that you read where you would not want them to end. ‘Everything that remains’ is one that made me feel so. The book is more a memoir by the author, Joshua, on how he chanced about the concept of minimalism and the impact that it had on his life. We are given the opportunity to be an invisible bug on Joshua’s shoulder and live through various moments in his life.


Although Joshua would like to become a writer, he is stuck in his full-time job as director of operations at a retail chain in the US. With daily stand-up meetings and aggressive goals to achieve, he is forever busy and under constant stress. He has no friends outside of work & no time to build his social network. His last exercise was sometime during college and he is quite a few pounds overweight. However, the hefty paycheck during the end of month makes all his sacrifices seem worthwhile.


Or does it?


He does not love his job but stays on as he is good at it. Being the youngest director in the history of the company, he is constantly pushing himself to over-deliver. He is on the fast track in life and there are higher positions to achieve.


And of course, there are bills to pay. He is a firm favorite for all credit card companies, a collector of books, home decors, suits, party wear shirts, summer shirts, winter clothes, x-mas sales, Easter sales, valentines day sales, home loans, car loans etc etc. In fact, his bills total more than his earnings.


But alas, the hike in salary that he will get during his next title change will offset the difference!




Joshua is in a meeting when he gets a call from his mother. As expected, he puts his mobile on silent. It is only in the evening that he hears her voicemail and gets to know that she is dying of cancer.


A few months and few visits later, Joshua’s mom dies. In the same month, his marriage of five years ends. This double tragedy completely rocks his life. He realizes that he has messed up life’s priorities. Is working hard and rising up the corporate ladder the most important priority in life? Is it your life’s purpose to amass a ton of stuff and possessions to display to the world to gain their appreciations and acceptance into their society?


The quest for answers leads Joshua to something life changing – Minimalism.


Read the book to learn about how he went about becoming a minimalist and how he managed to sustain a life without a five-figure income,with only a tenth of his possessions, meet great and interesting people , write and publish books & fall in love. As you read on, you might even question some of your choices in life, work and beyond.




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