Open offices

What is your opinion about open offices?

We have recently included music in the office. N Sync and Backstreet boys have taken over the work space. I found myself having mixed thoughts about this. On the one hand, it is nice to listen to songs of old. It takes you to that time and gives you a kind of energy that you had during that age.

On the other hand, the constant noise obstructs work. Writing official mails require you to ‘think’ in English language and english words from songs at the background mess up your trail of thought.

No one wants to have open disagreements. So it is my belief that open offices do not allow for purposeful ideas to blossom. Already introverts find it hard to voice their opinions and the open design forces them to overcome huge, stressful barriers just to get heard. With constant music in the background, people are naturally content to listen rather than overcome and converse.

In my opinion, I don’t see many advantages of open offices. I believe more work gets done in conference rooms where I can work in silo and with a higher degree of conversation.

Keen to know your thoughts as comments.