Introvert, extrovert, ambivert.

Gen x, gen y, millenial.
Libran, Scorpion, Gemini.
Hindu, Muslim, Christian.
Northie, Southie,Gujju,Chinky.
Paki,Gora,Nigger, Sand Nigger.
IT, Automobile,Cook.
Rich,poor,middle class.
Thin, fat, man, woman, child, teen.

We have a lot of choices in describing anyone. Little do we realize, our choice of words greatly describe our perception as well as the perception of our audience on the subject in question. And it greatly affects them…. Sometimes, it ruins lives; destroys peace ; promotes hatred ; invokes suspicion; creates divide…

Maybe you did not talk to your next best friend because you classified them as one of these rather than embrace those differences.

It is the age of consuming new information. We are driven by the mad urge to know new things. But please be mindful that content that we consume is carelessly curated by viewership-hungry journalists that are highly incentivised to sensationalize every piece of news they get.


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Author: Chandramouli Suresh

Devoted husband, recent father, minimalist, blogger, travel enthusiast, ad tech sales manager, introvert, manchester united fan, ferrari fan, schumacher fan, football player

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