What is one thing you always thought you wanted, but then, once you got it, you no longer wanted it?

The first thought that came to my mind when I saw the question was, “That bad haircut” and “Every mustache I tried to keep”…

I recently (read as yesterday) chanced on the concept of Minimalism. Minimalism is what my math teacher Mr TMS used to say “Less is more”. It is about retaining the things and practices that add value to your life and removing those that do not. The website though gives quite lofty claims.

“Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom from worry. Freedom from overwhelm. Freedom from guilt. Freedom from depression. Freedom from the trappings of the consumer culture we’ve built our lives around. Real freedom.”

I am yet to be sold on this concept just yet, however I am quite convinced minimalism is quite required for us as a generation to get back to the basics of living life.

So here is my top five things that I wanted pretty badly and when I got it, I realised I did not want it at all.

1. VR device: I have a Samsung VR device. Brand new condition. Costs about 12000 INR. Only works on Samsung phones. Though I loved the experience and love showing the device off to whoever comes home, I have used it for a total of 20 minutes since I bought it. Any takers?

2. Football: I have always taken pride in calling myself a football player. However being a team sport, I see no sense in owning my own football. When I spent on my own football, I did not really have the heart to take it out and play in the abrasive sand. It is best to just pool in money & buy a team ball!

3. Power bank: I thought I was a traveler and needed one, just in case. I own two power banks and use neither. I dont see why these are a thing.

4. A promotion: Moving away from physical things. I realised a role change, salary change and change in enviroment meant more than a change in designation.

5 The engineering degree: Enough said. Totally useless!

If you are curious about minimalism, check out this TED video by the founder. Though I believe our parents would remark that their lifestyle has always corresponded to minimalism, I believe we have drifted quite a bit due to 21st century technology.


I am keen to see you take a shot at this question, “What is one thing you always thought you wanted, but then, once you got it, you no longer wanted it?”



Is Life Easy?

We live stressful lives. We are slaves of smart phones and laptops.

We are expected to work 8 hours everyday. We have a house loan by the time we turn 25. This is not because our parents did not work hard. Real estate is expensive.

We take up education loans at 20. Again, it is not our parents fault. Education is expensive. We have a car loan by 30. We need to show our social status. And cars are expensive.

Our parents care about our future and want things to go right. Agents scare them about what might go wrong. As a result comes the life insurance policy.

We buy a house in the corner of the city. We go to work in another city/part of the world. We take up a shared accommodation or rent places belonging to someone else. Our location depends on where we find work.

At work, we are constantly reminded to remain positive. To work towards being the model employee. When you hit your goals, the bar will be moved. You are always a 3 or 4 and never the 5. Worse still, you face the axe when you are a 2.

We are constantly reminded by travel websites and blogs to see the world. How could you miss viewing the Taj while in Delhi? How could you afford not to Skydive while in US? How can you not go to Universal studios while in Singapore?

You are encouraged to use credit cards. You get payback points when you spend, so you can spend more..

There are malls in every road. There is a New Year Sale and a Post New Year Sale.



We yearn for the past to return… a life where we had lesser spending power and more happiness…. when work was just 10-5 or lesser… when we had no devices to peer into.. power cuts that brought families together for candle light dinner… grounds where we could run and get dirty.

We live a stressful life.. But why?




A decade since engineering

I recollect a number of seminars and lectures that happened in college. However  I honestly do not remember any one talk that resonated with me. May be it was because at that age, I had trained myself not to hear anything spoken by anyone that had the microphone.

But ten years on since my engineering, I came across this video on my LinkedIn feed. It is an advice from Karthic, an alumnus of IIM Bangalore to students of IIT Madras on some key skills to succeed. To save you time, I am summarizing the key points of the lecture.

1. Challenging yourself will lead to progress, comparison only leads to stress

2. Physical & mental health are key. There is no point being a CEO when the rest of your life is in shambles.

3. Communication is very important in today’s world.

4. Who feeds your learning determines how good you become.


It has been a decade since I graduated from engineering. Here are a few points from my side in addition to those mentioned.

  1. Which field you graduate from does not matter beyond a point. I have had my stints at writing,  purchasing, social media marketing & recently online advertising. None of these had anything to do with machines or mechanical engineering.
  2. There is no perfect company, no matter who vouches for them. Cognizant is still a great organization however I never fit into IT.
  3. Do not let circumstance govern whether you are a success or failure. You could find yourself in situations where you are not a fit. Try your best to blend in or there are always opportunities outside.
  4. No two people have the same definition for success. For some it means career progress. For few it means having your own company. For many it means repaying all loans. For me it means being content with life & recognized for the work that I do.
  5. Engineering is all about finding that magic number or perfect answer. Working is all about finding the most suitable plan of action under the circumstances, taking various perspectives into consideration.

Keen to get your thoughts as well…



If you are interested and have the time, here is the video. Quick tip: I moved the pacing to 1.5x so I could get the message faster and it kept my interest from wavering too much.


Jackie meeting his stunt team – This video could make you cry!

Jackie Chan Stunt Team surprises Jackie on 王牌对王牌

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Posted by Jared WanFeng Ti on 30 जानेवारी 2017