3D model – Old Trafford

2016 was a year when I completed quite a few puzzles. Usually they were 1000 piece puzzles like these three.


However I wanted to step up my game and try my hand at something more challenging. Hence I requested for a 3D model puzzle of Old Trafford – the stadium of my favorite club – Manchester United.

The puzzle itself was more complicated than I expected. Though the pieces were numbered, I still had to understand which way to twist each piece and where it would fit in.


The detailed step to step guide was pretty helpful, however it was still mentally challenging to understand the way each piece interacted with others & being one of those engineers that cruised through college without getting hands-on with anything, I had more than one moment of exasperation.

The brittleness of the cardboard pieces did not help either & in the end I had to make some compromises. However I am quite happy with the end result. As my manager remarked, “It is not perfect, neither are we!”.

One thing is for sure, I will never look at Old Trafford the same way again. I have a new found respect for the stadium. “Theatre of Dreams” will no longer be a phrase in my life, but an emotion.




PS: If you want to have a shot at building the stadium, here is the link – Old Trafford – Manchester United

5 changes in my attitude at work that came about through playing football once again

Originally posted on LinkedIn about 6 months ago

Having moved to Bangalore about two quarters back, I have been the recipient of friendly weather as compared to Noida where it is jittery cold for 6 months and hot as hell the other 6 months of the year. Unlike my usual lazy self, I have pushed myself to get back to playing the sport I am most passionate about – Football.

Yes it did help me to keep myself fit and my mind sharp, however what I did not realize was that I would one day draw parallels between the way I play and the work I do. Here are 5 changes in attitude at work brought out as a direct result of playing football. I hope this serves as motivation for you to take up fitness more seriously as well as work in a better manner.

1. Be the bumble bee!

Playing at the central midfield position, I came to realize that the toughest route to score a goal was to go through. In most instances, it is alright.. and required, to float about the field and string a few passes with team mates before that final pass becomes viable.

At work, being from an engineering background and having trained to ace in math, it is natural for us to think of solutions as either right or wrong. However it makes more sense to float around the problem for more time and work with different teams to overcome difficulties and obtain your final goal.

2. Someone has to be keeper!

It is true. We all want to score goals. However no one wants to save them! It takes guts to stand between those poles knowing that you could potentially make a fool of yourself any second. But hey, someone has to be keeper!

Likewise, I have never been comfortable with understanding the mechanics of coding. Looking at a page source or a code flow would have me want to fake a faint or run for cover. However I have been the fool on the field many times in recent past. So with that knowledge I tried to solve a pertinent issue along with some developers. The output turned out to be the most significant win for me during this quarter… I struck (Fool’s) gold! (Hey, increasing the supply levels for your country by 20% within a day is no joke!)

3. You win as a team…. Period!

I could try taking 10 opponents on and score the goal. Christiano Ronaldo is still dreaming to achieve this feat…. So in theory that puts me on level terms with Christiano… Wow!

Truth being said, you win as a team. But you lose because you stayed individuals.

And engineers are my team too!!

4.Work gets done if others run for you

I know this is pure evil, but hey…. works! Trust me.

5. Work your socks off… and please take time off to wash them.

It is important to cool off after every game. Maybe a couple of minutes to review how things went.. A word or two of how things could have been better… A fight or two about who was shoddy on that day. In the end, remember it is just a game and you came out stronger & wiser than when you began…

And finally.. please wash your dirty socks … get them fresh and go again.


Pssst….If you dint… Everyone would know!!!


If you are looking to join a club for casual/weekly football I highly recommend http://www.sporthood.in/.

Here is a link to their Facebook page – SportHoodSarjapur

Going offline

I saw this recent video of Paul Miller about going offline. It struck a chord & also brought back a memory of an article I wrote about six years back.


Here is the story:


The Social Addict

The wind was making all efforts to orient his disheveled hair. He was staring into the horizon, admiring the deep blue of the sea kiss the light blue of the sky. He unbuttoned his shirt and let it dangle loosely around his body. The salty breeze was lightening his spirit. He removed his shoes and let his bare feet touch the hot sand. The hair on his body stood up at the sudden rush of heat from below. His body soon adjusted to the heat of the sand and began to appreciate its softness instead. He realized what living really meant – to be one with nature. He felt refreshed. He felt life inside him. He felt his heart remind him to find his purpose in life. He promised himself he would have such moments of solitude more often. ……………………………………………


It had all started with a simple question posed by his colleague. The question was if he was an addict. He had completely denied her and defended himself saying he did not smoke or drink or do drugs. She mocked him saying all those were addictions of the previous culture and her question was if he was an addict of this culture – an addict to socializing, an addict to technology, an addict to money making. He began to analyze his activities.

The revelations shocked him. He realized that wherever he was; his mobile was within a couple of arm distances from him. He calculated that he listened to songs almost 3 hours daily. He measured that on an average, he sent 250 text messages per day. A minute per message would translate to just about more than 4 hours for each day. He would be on Facebook and Orkut every night from 10 to 1. He spoke to his girlfriend half an hour before lunch, another half hour post tea, and 2 hours between 7 and 10. Food, hygiene, work and sleep accounted for 12 hours of his day. He travelled 4 hours between office and home. That meant he was managing 30 hours of activity in a day. He praised himself saying that this was the age of multitasking where one listens to the pod and messages his friends while sitting on the potty. ………………………………………………………………………… But who was he kidding? He :

Hardly spends an hour for himself

Almost never manages 6 hours of productive work, let alone 8.

Hates his job profile/nature.

Stays in the company only because of the high salary.

Has not played soccer since he was 19 years.

Not met his best friend since last Christmas.

Has 400 friends on Facebook ,half of whom he never met.

Hardly spends time his parents.

In a nutshell, hates life …………………………………………


As he watched the deep sea, he promised himself

He would :

Work on his fitness again

Play soccer

Invite his friend for weekly drinks

Find a job near home

Take holidays and breaks

Live life again ……………………………………………………

…………And ………He drove back home smiling and published his resolutions on FB.


There are some other short articles (I wont call them stories anymore) that I wrote which you can find using the following link: http://www.slideshare.net/chinamouli/50-stories-from-chinamouli